I awaken up into a magical place. This magical place I wake up in a field of lavender and daisies. All around me are animals of all different kinds- They surround me and I see pink and yellow butterflies. I stood up and I saw all around me people from all walks of life. I heard

a woman calling me and telling me to follow her-

So i started to follow her and it was a long road but along the way i saw people clapping and cheering and saying to me congratulations welcome to Heaven- So i kept following her and arrived at a big golden fountain- There were people surrounding the fountain some throwing feathers into it, and some drinking it, and some pouring the water on their heads-

This is the fountain of life a voice told me. I stood in front of the fountain and made a wish and as soon as i did a door opened up and there he was Jesus he was wearing a white gown  with golden trimming around the arms and legs of the gown. He had a crown on his head that was golden with rubies and diamonds. He was beautiful and different than i imagined.

Then suddenly  I woke up and started to cry- the rest of the day i couldn’t remember what i just saw or heard – I guess  it was God giving me a glimpse into what Heaven would be like when i get there.- and to be patient and if i can keep the faith this is where i will be when i leave this world.

This is The Fountain of life.

Written : By John d Cook 8-23-16

My son.

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