Telling it like it is from this Grandma to you.

I decided to start this Blog because I wanted to share my life with everyone. Good moments bad moments and sad moments from the last few years and so I will be sharing so much of me with all of you. If at any time you have questions please comment and talk to me I will respond back always with the thoughts from a Grandmas perspective. We grandmas I am slowly learning seem to View the world in a highly different way. Not always are our opinions valued or excepted. More often we are disregarded and set aside as being too old fashioned living in the past. Not with the times as the millennials call it. Or just maybe getting senile I hear a lot these days. Well, I will have you all know Not this Grandma. I do and always will have all my faculties and wits about me. I will always tell it like it is I do not pull back any punches. So Join me and let me tell you what Grandmas really think of the world.

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