My River of Blood

Your words you think are just words.
wrong your words from your mouth they are as knives to my soul


they cut me and I bleed. Every drop of blood is draining my identity from me.
Myself worth goes down the river of blood that pours from me
It floods my every wakening moment with doubt, discouragement of trying to be a better
me. Drowning the potential You once said I possessed in me. Why do you speak so, Why do you hurt me?
Do you not see me drowning, drifting into oblivion in the abyss of life?
Only your tongue can save me.
A kind word of encouragement praise and love respecting me for being me.
This is the life jacket I need.
Throw out the curses of pain and give me love peace kindness strength. I will then be
able to be what and who I was meant to be.
: By Elizabeth Harrison.

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