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Homemade Deep fried Burritos


1lb ground Beef or Pork or Chicken, Fresh is preferred,

2 cups Rice wild or white.

3. 1 Medium White or Red onion chopped chosen to taste.

4. Fresh chopped Basil, 2 garlic cloves,

5. 2 tbs Worcestershire sauce.

6.A small bowl of dark green lettuce leaves & 1 sliced Red Tomatoes

7 . 100% Vegetable oil no Canola. If you like you can use the alternative Avacado or Coconut oil.

8. 2 Cans of Refried Beans your Brand mine is ROSARITA.

9. Flower Tortillas any brand I like Mission as their soft and roll nicely without breaking.

10. Large deep 8-12 inch pan I prefer Cast iron for temp control.

Preparation & Cooking

Cook Rice in a Sauce Kettle or in a Rice Cooker if one is Available.

When done with rice Cook Ground meat.

Cook in a large skillet the ground meat whichever you have chosen make sure it is well cooked. half way through add chopped Onion. and Worcestershire sauce and Basil and garlic. Still well place aside

Heat up the Refried Beans in a saucepan slowly stirring often to not burn or scorch.

Get out Tortillias place out on a plate.

Start to heat in a large Skillet preferably Cast Iron for optimum temp regulation.

Mixe the Cooked Rice and Ground Beef Mixture together and set aside

Take flour tortillas and spread some refried beans on the tortilla down on only a quarter of the tortilla and the do the same with the mixture of Ground beef and rice. Start to Roll the tortilla and tuck the sides of the tortilla in towards the center while rolling place a toothpick through the burrito and set on a plate.

Slowly heat oil in a saucepan and gently one at a time place the burritos down in the heated oil with a tong gently roll over occasionally till all sides are golden brown and then remove gently and lay on a serving plate.

Serve them up by placing on top of a bed or green lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes to garnish on the edge